How To Buy

Shopping at is very simple and fun! Follow these guidelines carefully and you’ll be receiving your goods before you even know it!

  1. Find the products that you want
  2. Add the products into your shopping bag
  3. Proceed to the Checkout
  4. Enter shipping address
  5. Enter payment details
  6. Review and place your order
  7. Process payment

 i. Find the products that you want

Firstly you will need to find the products that you would like to purchase. This is can be done by clicking on the store button in the menu bar or by placing keywords in the search box that appears to be on top of the website. After finding the right product, click on it to view the details of it.

 ii. Add the products into your shopping bag

After deciding to purchase a product, click “Add to Bag” button located on the top right of the product’s description page. Then, three options will appear which are “Add More” for number of similar items requited, “Go to Checkout” or to “Continue Shopping”.  You can check the contents of your shopping bag at any time by clicking the "Shopping Bag" button at the bottom right of the page. 

 iii. Proceed to checkout

Once you are done adding all the required products into your shopping bag, click on the “Shopping Bag” to review all the products. If you decide to remove an item from your bag, just click “X” which will be on the right end on the product. Also, type in the quantity box if you wish to make changes in the quantity of products selected. Assuming the quantity you have requested is available; you will now see the adjusted quantities as well as your new subtotal. Once you’re done reviewing, click on “Checkout” to begin the checkout process. It’s that simple!

 iv. Enter shipping address

You need to specify your shipping address for us to deliver the products. Key in your shipping address information, or sign in to retrieve your shipping address if you have registered with us. Then, select the delivery method that you want. Once you’re done, click “Continue” to proceed to the payment details.

 v. Enter payment details

Select your preferred payment mode here and enter the relevant payment details. You can also sign in to retrieve you billing address if you have registered with us, or key in your email address and password to create an account with us. Once you’re done, click “Continue” to move on to place order.

 vi. Review and place your order

Review all the information precisely and you can still make adjustments before placing your order. Then, you will be given an Order Number which allows you to track your purchase.  Thereafter, click on “Place Order” to submit your order.

 vii. Process payment

Depending on the payment method that you’ve selected, you will be directed to the payment processing page such as the PayPal page. If you have chosen to pay via offline method such as bank transfer or Western Union, you will need to provide us your proof of payment via email/fax. is a one-stop concept store dedicated to provide a vast variety of lifestyle goods and merchandise. Our products are rich in tradition and are carefully created by skillful artisans. We offer a complete selection of decor items which include batik paintings and batik wood, eco-friendly apparels and accessories that are made from natural dye and a variety of herbal products for wellness and health. 

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