The Ultimate Indulgence in Life

EXOTICA is synonymos to precious, rare and ultimate indulgence in life. It is the embodiment of class and prestige where only those in the upper echelons of society have the privilege to associate with. Created to serve high net worth individuals. Exotica offers life enhancing herbs to improve their health, mystical power to protect their stature, exotic food, beverage to tame their adventure taste buds, exclusive fine batik art and luxury adornment to complement their style.

For life enhancements, Exotica provides its customers with centuries old Tongkat Ali, Tiger Milk Mushrooms, Porcupine Bezoar, Wild Herbal Honey skincare products and other inspirable products to improve overall well-being and sexual health. Exotica strives to become the one stop center for elegance and class, and to constantly feed wealthy patrons’ growing appetite for rare, precious and unique items.



Excreted coffee beans from the civet cat, these beans bring about the best coffee in the world for over 300 years.


Being one of the world’s densest rainforest, it is no doubt that mother-nature constantly provide a shelter for many different types of precious wood.


Stunningly dense with oil, this wood leaves no ashes when burnt instead bubbles and emit fragrance.


100% Natural Skincare Infused with pure wild honey along with 33 rainforest wild herbs and garden herbs.

Local Products Sourced Directly by Local People

No matter where you are, there are only two handlers between you and the products: Us and the native producers. Since we are the locals who are aptly knowledgeable about our own traditions and cultures, we have the innate ability to source directly from the producers at great values without compromising their remunerations. The results are outstanding; you pay less while the native producers earn more. It’s a win-win situation!

100% Genuine and Handmade

Imperfection by hand itself is beauty in its natural sense. From stage zero all the way to your doorstep, our products go through creative and compassionate hands, without any interference from cranky machines. Ultimately, your every cent is invested on something worthy, original, and authentic.

Get Healthy Naturally.

Ever wonder why there are no hospitals in the forest? That is because the natives don’t need any. For hundreds of centuries, they have been living healthily without the help of modern (and sometimes deceiving) medications. Nature contains herbs with thousands of remedies in them. We practically have them all plucked, packed, and delivered it to you all-natural style.

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