Dried Mulberry Leaves (30g)- Good for Antioxidant



Of all the berries that exist, mulberries have the highest content of anti-oxidants, making them healthy no matter how you prepare them. Mulberry smoothies taste sumptuous. You can add them to your daily diet to make sure that your cholesterol levels stay stable.


It will also ensure that your body gets all the vital nutrients that are required to stay healthy and strong. Eating mulberries can help prevent many diseases that affect the liver, kidneys and lungs.

In Chinese medicine, mulberries are considered as a blood tonic. It cleanse the blood, improves blood circulation and helps in strengthening the entire system. It enriches the blood in the process while soothing and calming the nerves.

It also helps in promoting the metabolism of alcohol. Mulberry is high in Vitamin C and flavoring which makes it a natural immune booster and prevents flu, cough and cold and other ailments. Mulberry also helps with gastritis problem and chronic hepatitis.ss If you are looking for a natural way to cleanse your body, get glowing skin and strong healthy hair, mulberries are the best choice.


Weight160 g


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