Batik Art Painting, ‘Village Scenery’ by Hamidi (45cm x 50cm)


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Title Batik Art Painting, ‘Village Scenery’ by Hamidi (45cm x 50cm)

Artist Hamidi

Size 45cm (W) x 50cm (H)

Style Flora and Plant, Landscape

Medium Cotton


This unique and exclusive batik painting on cotton is delicately hand drawn using the ‘canting’ and ‘tulis’ methods, whereby hot wax is flown from the canting’s tiny, downward-curving spouts straight onto the cotton cloth decorously then vividly painted by the grand master artist of batik, Hamidi.


The sunset sky is indigo, the day’s last light reflected against a majestic tree. The sight of nature is painted with vivid detail making this batik piece unique and attractive. Clear waters flow though the village and beautiful strong rocks are painted by the riverbank.


The frame is not included and it is used for illustration purposes only.

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