Batik Painting, ‘Mask’ by Alim (75cm x 90cm)


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This unique batik painting on cotton is hand drawn using the ‘canting’ and ‘tulis’ methods and painted by Alim. Each painting is personally signed by the artist. Like gliding through a mystical journey under the ocean, Alim entices his viewers with yet another elusive abstract painting on silk. ‘The mask’ was Alim’s interpretation through his artwork that hide thousand stories.

The unity of the spirits and the real identities of the natives were handed down by their ancestors. The painting depicts two flamboyant masks looking right back at the viewer. This batik painting is done using the “canting” method. Strokes of lines are done abstractly on the painting by the artisan using his creative imagination. Each batik painting is one of a kind and the motifs may vary slightly because it is handmade.

By adopting the Batik Tulis technique, Alim translated his artistic interpretations using a canting, a traditional tool with a small spout filled with hot wax that functions like a pen to resist dyes. All Batik paintings go through wax-dye-boil method, making each art a worthy treasure.

“We wear the mask that grins and lies, It hides our cheeks and shade our eyes, This debt we pay to human guile, With torn and bleeding heart we smile.”

*The frame is not included and it is used for illustration purposes only.

Style: Traditional, Life

Material = Cotton

Width x Height = 75cm x 90cm

Weight (Grams) = 47

Weight112 g


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