Deluxe Grade 100% Pure Exotica Porcupine Bezoar (0.375 Gram × 3 Bottles)


Asian Secrets and Exotica have been dealing in rainforest herbal products for over 10 years. Hence, we have connection to reach the authentic sources for porcupine bezoars. Besides, we have a team of professionals to ensure that every grain of the porcupine bezoars are truly genuine and of the best quality. Asian Secrets is a wholesaler and retailer in the porcupine bezoar business. For wholesale, the bezoar is sold in granule by gram. In retail, we are selling the bezoar (3-bottle in 1 box) in a bottle by 0.375 gram each. For the granule porcupine bezoar, there are 4 types of bezoar which differ in their quality and value. The 4 classifications of bezoar are including Powdered Bezoar, Semi-Powdered Bezoar, Semi-Grass Bezoar and Grass Bezoar.



  • Speed up wound healing process
  • Boost immune system
  • Improve liver function and detoxify the blood
  • Treat diseases like Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease, Dengue Fever, chicken pox
  • Reduce surgery aftermath and speed up surgical wound healing
  • Reduce cancer treatment aftermath, eg. pain, infection, nausea, drowsiness, vomiting after chemotherapy and radiotherapy
  • Treat skin diseases such as acne, eczema, rashes, hives
  • Treat cardiovascular disease (disease of heart and blood vessels)
  • Relieve late nights and work-related stress (alcohol and smoking)
  • Promote general well-being


Consumption Details

Bezoars in granule form must first be sliced or grounded and crushed into powdered form; while powdered bezoars are ready for consumption.


  1. With an emptied stomach, drink a little warm water, then keep the bezoar powder in the mouth until it mixes with the saliva before swallowing it slowly; or
  2. With an emptied stomach, drink a little warm water, then drop the bezoar powder in a spoon or a cup, and stir it with a little boiled water before consuming.



  • Refrain from dosing near a spinning fan to prevent the powder from being blown away.
  • Our bezoar powders are hand-ground as the high pressure exerted by blenders could affect the quality of the essence therein. Blenders may also cause unwanted bits and pieces to mix with the bezoar powder, further degrading their quality.
  • We do our best to remove the bits and pieces from the bezoar (such as tiny bits of hair, quills and sand). Yet it is completely normal to feel slightly rough when biting the porcupine bezoars as this is one of the bezoar’s characteristics, and this may occur even when biting powdered bezoars.

Recommended dosage


1 candareen = 0.375 g

Child: ¼ to ½ candareen

Adult: ½ to 1 candareen

*One dose a day for mild illness; two doses a day for serious illness.


*Porcupine bezoars may also be used for healthcare purposes, although dosage varies with the body condition, financial capability and health concerns of the individual. Maybe dosed one to three times a day.


During serving, please switch off the the fan to avoid the porcupine bezoar powder blown away by the wind.


Storage Method

Store the bezoar powder in a tightly sealed container, and keep it in a cool dry place.


Important: If dampened, move the bezoar powder to a dry place with good ventilation to dry it and avoid fungi (porcupine bezoars feel harder the less hydrated they are).







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