Exotica Porcupine Bezoar Public Grade [Green] (10 Bottle)


Porcupine bezoar are commonly used in the following diseases:
• Cancer: Helps to reduce cancer cell index and control the spread of cancer cells, regenerate cells, relieve pain, improve appetite and restore physical strength. It can be taken before and after radiotherapy or chemotherapy. In health care, it can also be used to prevent cancer. Especially those who often stay up late, drink too much alcohol, and work under pressure.
• Surgery patients: Helps reduce common postoperative side effects such as labor pain and wound inflammation, as well as promote wound healing and rapid recovery.
• Liver disease: Helps to improve immunity, clear heat and detoxify, reduce inflammation and reduce phlegm and restore physical strength.
• Childbirth: Suitable for natural childbirth and caesarean section to help relieve pain and wounds recovery.
• Mosquito (dengue): Helps bring down fever, boost platelets and boost immunity.
• Inflammation: such as meningitis, metritis and urethritis. It has very efficient detoxification, pus removal, anti-inflammatory, pain relief, muscle regeneration and blood circulation effects.
• Other diseases: Constipation, skin diseases, eye diseases, malignant sores, tumors, cardiovascular sclerosis, expelling wind, heart qi pain, stomach pain and so on.

Exotica Porcupine Bezoar Public Grade [Green] (10 Bottle)

The porcupine is a herbivore that loves to eat the roots of plants. They have super tenacious vitality, like they are blessed by God. The porcupine’s super healing ability and antibody immune function are all related to its eating habits. Smart porcupines seek out for herbs whenever they are sick or injured. The herbs are digested in the porcupine’s body, mixed with its detoxifying antibodies, and produce a secretion that dissolves the virus in the body, allowing it to recover quickly. However, the herbal secretions remaining in the porcupine have accumulated for a long time to form a stone-like substance, which is porcupine bezoar.

With the improvement of living standards and awareness of health care, people pay more and more attention to health care. Prevention is better than cure has become a dominant belief in people’s own health problems. Of course, porcupine is a rare and precious herb. In addition to prevention, it also has significant medical effects on some diseases.

After decades of countless real cases and testimony, the efficacy of porcupine jujube in assisting body conditioning is indeed affirmed, especially the following four functions:

• Cell regeneration
• Detoxification
• Boost immune system
• anti-oxidation

Porcupine bezoar are also commonly used in the following diseases:
• Cancer: Helps to reduce cancer cells  and inhibit the spread of cancerous cells, regenerate cells, relieve pain, improve appetites and recuperate body strength. It can be consumed before and after cancer treatments such as radiotherapy or chemotherapy. other than that, it can also be taken for the people who often stay up late, taking excessive alcohol, heavy smoker and suffer from stress.

• Post-surgery: Helps reduce the side effects of general surgery, such as pains and wound infections. It has an effective healing properties for faster recovery.

• Liver Disease: Helps to boost up immunity systems, remove excess body heat, promotes detoxification, diminish inflammation and energy recovery.

• Childbirth: Suitable for natural childbirth and caesarean surgery. Alleviate pain and heals wounds effectively.

• Dengue fever: Reduce high fever, increase platelet index and improve immunity system for immediate recuperation.

• Infection-related Diseases: For inflammatory diseases such as meningitis, metritis and urethritis. It has very high efficiency in detoxification, anti-inflammatory control, repairs muscles, blood circulation and heals pain.

• Other: Helpful in treating constipation, skin diseases, eye diseases, malignant sores, tumors, cardiovascular sclerosis, dispelling wind, angina pectoris, stomach pain and other kind of diseases.

Three Grades of Porcupine Bezoar

Exotica Porcupine Bezoar are divided into three grades: Royal, Supreme and Public.

The Royal grade is grounded from 5 different types of pure bezoar. It combines the characteristics of different bezoar, and the medicinal effects are comprehensive. And never mixed with other grades of porcupine bezoar. The reason why ground bezoar are the top among all grades of porcupine bezoar is because they stay in the porcupine’s body for a long time, accumulate more medicinal ingredients, and have better quality.

Although the medicinal properties of the other two grades of Porcupine Bezoar are not as strong as Royal Grade, both of it also have strong medicinal effects.

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