Hand-crafted Oriental Clay Teapot – Happy Rats (22 oz)


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This teapot is definitely one of a kind! Whimsical and large, this teapot is 100% handmade of clay. It is unglazed and creatively detailed with rats on the lid, handle, spout, body, everywhere! The rat in Chinese Zodiac is believed to have an optimistic nature and positive outlook on life. Also, their inquisitive nature leads them to remarkable discoveries.

This treasure can be perceived as Yixing-inspired clay teapot, which reportedly was first handcrafted by a monk during Zhengde Emperor (1502-1521) in Yixing, China. This precious item is a must-have collectible for antique and pottery enthusiasts because of its whimsicality.

Just for fun, you may brew Oolong or Black tea (or any other of your desire) in this pot for 3 small cups, just like the ancient times.

Size: Large

Colour: Brown (Burnt Umber with Terracotta lid)

Dimensions: 18.8cm (width) x 14.5cm (base) x 14cm (height)

Weight: 658g

Additional Tips:

  • Handwash only
  • Decorative Tableware
  • Free of lead and toxins
  • Perfect as an antique collectible / gift

Weight1056 g


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