Hand-crafted Oriental Yixing Clay Teapot – Ancient Chinese Erotic Art (6 oz)


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In Asian countries such as India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Japan and China, representations of sex and erotic art have specific spiritual meanings within native religions. The Chinese tradition of the erotic was extensive, with examples of the art dating back as far as the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368). In Chinese literature, one of the four great classical novels is 16th-century explicit novel titled The Plum in the Golden Vase composed by Lanling Xiaoxiao Sheng in the late Ming Dynasty.

To immortalize the art of human coitus, this teapot adopts the delicately detailed hand-drawn classical painting onto its body and lid. Produced in China, this Yixing-inspired teapot is entirely handmade and unglazed. Legend has it that the original Yixing teapot was first handcrafted using Zisha clay by a monk during Zhengde Emperor (1502-1521) in Yixing, China. This precious item is a must-have collectible for antique and pottery enthusiasts because of its unique, erotic graphic, although one can actually brew a small cup of Black or Oolong tea to relive the Ming Dynasty era.

Size: Small

Colour: Brown (Seal Brown)

Dimensions: 13.5cm (width) x 7.5cm (base) x 10cm (height)

Weight: 129g

Additional Tips:

Handwash only

Decorative Tableware

Free of lead and toxins

Perfect as an antique collectible / gift

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