Hand-crafted Oriental Yixing Clay Teapot – Four Seasons (5.8 oz)


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This wide-based small-size teapot is 100% handmade with clay. It is unglazed and neatly accented with 4 types of plants on the body which are cherry blossom, chrysanthemum, bamboo and also potted. Eversince the ancient times, teapots produced in Yixing were known to be the best of its kind. Originally they were made out of Zisha clay (also known as purple clay) which is an element that is known to be porous thus with perpetual usage, it absorbs the flavour of tea. Therefore, it has become a custom that only one flavour of tea is allowed to be brewed in one Yixing teapot.


Colour: Brown (Mahogany)

Dimensions: 12.5cm (width) x 5cm (base) x 7cm (height)

Weight: 170 g


Additional Tips:

Handwash only

Decorative Tableware

Free of lead and toxins

Perfect as an antique collectible / gift

Weight 272 g


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