Longjack/Eurycoma longifolia/Malaysia Ginseng Tongkat Ali Merah (Red) Root Testosterone Booster 170g


There are three main varieties of Tongkat Ali that are differentiated by the colour of its root, namely Tongkat Ali Kuning (Yellow), Tongkat Ali Hitam (Black) and Tongkat Ali Merah (Red). Tongkat Ali Merah is the rarest, most precious and most potent in terms of its benefits among the three variations. It is also known as ‘Akar Haji Samad’ to some local people and popularly referred to as ‘Malaysian Red Ginseng’ or ‘Asian Viagra’ for both men and women. Scientifically known as Stema Tuberosa, this wonderful plant is known for its high medicinal value and curative effects. This plant has been traditionally used by the natives as a medicinal herb and aphrodisiac.
Tongkat Ali Merah is a flowering plant, native to jungles and rain forests of Malaysia, Borneo, Thailand, Indonesia and Indochina. This plant, as the name suggests, is red in colour on the root surface. It grows in the forest on the slope area. Its leaves are the largest among the Tongkat Ali species. The whole plant has rich medicinal values. However, the root is most potent.
Tongkat Ali Merah is popular for its testosterone-enhancing properties for both sexes. Historically, it has been used as aphrodisiac to treat various sexual dysfunctions. This herb is used by body builders to increase muscle mass, strength and energy level. It also improves blood circulation, helps reduce hypertension and treats high-blood pressure, tuberculosis, fever, jaundice, diarrhea and dysentery. This herbal based plant is an excellent supplement for today’s demanding lifestyles.
Consumption Methods:
1) After chipping, wash the root chips with water.
2) Soak 2g of chipped root in 1 liter of water for 1 hour.
3) Boil and cook for 30 minutes – 1 hour.
4) Remove the chipped root and drink.
The juice (tea) may be blended with honey or rock sugar to balance off the bitter taste of Tongkat Ali. You may reboil the root chip and juice for another consumption until the bitter taste has subsided.
Box Dimension = L 50.8cm , W7.5cm, L11.5cm
Weight = Approximately 170g
Volumetric Weight (for shipping) = ~880g
Pictures shown here are for illustration purposes only, actual product may vary in shapes and sizes.
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Weight160 g


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