Traditional Penang Teh Tarik Premium Pack (15 x 35 grams sachets)


The most famous drink tea in Malaysia. Almost all people would love Teh Tarik. Rich taste of tea and creamer.

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Penang people love to Teh Tarik. Teh Tarik is served almost everywhere in Penang and at any time of the day. Teh Tarik – literally the “Pulled Tea”, which is the baristas pulling the milk tea with two mug during the preparation and give the tea a better taste. Teh Tarik is a popular Malaysian drink served mostly at outdoor stalls and coffee shops. Its preparation requires continuous back and forth pouring of the tea between two containers to promote the development of froth and oxygenation.

Koon Kee’s Teh Tarik is formulated to closely resemble the final brew enjoyed at these local outlets. It can be prepared just by adding boiled water, and for the venturesome, the dexterity of the local Teh Tarik baristas can be emulated! It is made up of three main ingredients, namely instant tea, non-dairy creamer and fine granulated sugar. The instant tea is extracted from tea leaves. The non-dairy creamer, extracted from palm oil, has superior taste and health properties compared to the ubiquitous coconut based creamers. Miscellaneous natural ingredients were added to improve the aroma, flavour, body, and texture of the teh tarik.

This is the authentic original Traditional Teh Tarik introduced by Koon Kee. It has been the market leader in Penang since its introduction, and is currently served at over 3,000 outlets in Penang and the adjacent states.


Instant tea, Non-dairy creamer and Fine granulated sugar


To enjoy a cup of Koon Kee’s Traditional Teh Tarik, all one needs to do is to empty the content of a sachet into a tea mug and add in 150 to 180 ml of freshly boiled water. Do not over boil the water, as over boiling reduces the dissolved oxygen content of the water which is required to fully develop the taste of the milk tea.

Weight525 g


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