Wild Herbs Teabags, ‘Serapat’ by Rahsia Herbal (15 Sachets)


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About Serapat (Kayu Rapet)

Serapat is commonly found at 1500m above sea level in primary and secondary forests in Peninsular Malaysia and Indonesia. It can also be found in Andaman Islands in India, Southern China, Myanmar, Thailand, Singapore, Borneo and the Philippines.

It is known as Serapat in Malaysia and Kayu Rapet in Indonesia. “Kayu” is the Indonesian word for “wood”, and “rapet” means “tight”. This herb is widely use by women especially after childbirth. All parts of the plant are used, both orally as well as topically. However, the bark of this small tree is considered the most effective part of the plant, especially when it is consumed as tea.

The scientific name of Serapat is Parameria Polyneura or Parameria barbata (Blume) K. Schum. and it belongs to Apocynaceae family.

Health and Medical Values

The Serapat herb has many benefits. Firstly, it helps to tighten vaginal tissue and breasts. Secondly, by consuming this herb, it can help to strengthen muscles and joints and also beautify the skin texture.

Safety Precaution

Do not consume in large quantities in a short period of interval. The standard dose is considered to be a maximum of 50g of leaves or barks in a day. It is better to take smaller amounts over a 2-7 day period than a very high amount in one day.

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