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Rahsia Herbal, we aim to bring back centuries’ old herbal secrets and incorporate this knowledge and its application into today’s busy lifestyles.Our products are sourced directly from the natives in the wild rainforests without the involvement of middlemen; such arrangement creates a win-win situation where the natives can earn more to support their families while our customers can be assured of the authenticity of the herbal products and yet pay less for it!

As locals, the natives know where and how to pick the best herbs as they have been doing so for generations all the while causing as minimal damage as possible to the rainforest. Besides, to ensure a sustainable harvest of wild herbs, only parts that are matured and needed will be harvested, leaving the other parts of the plant to regenerate; and seeds will be planted if the whole plant is taken.


Garden Herbs

Our variety of garden herbs and tea includes Ashitaba, Stevia and Lemongrass that are grown organically without any damage to the environment and is free from pesticides.

Wild Herbs

Herbs under this category are responsibly harvested directly from the rainforest in South East Asia. These products include our a range of Tongkat Ali products such as Yellow Tongkat Ali, Black Tongkat Ali, and Red Tongkat Ali, Kacip Fatimah, Sarang Semut and other rare and wild herbs.

Herbal Solution

Herbal Solutions are perfectly concocted recipes by the various traditional medicine practitioners, specially designed to help with specific health ailments such as diabetes, high blood pressure and rheumatism.

Centuries’ Tradition, Today’s Lifestyle

There’s a reason why old practices are still acknowledged simply because they work! Asian Secrets’ number one forte is to explore centuries-old traditional practices and treasured gems, and adopt them to suit our modern lifestyles.

Local Products Sourced Directly by Local People

No matter where you are, there are only two handlers between you and the products: Us and the native producers. Since we are the locals who are aptly knowledgeable about our own traditions and cultures, we have the innate ability to source directly from the producers at great values without compromising their remunerations. The results are outstanding; you pay less while the native producers earn more. It’s a win-win situation!

Get Healthy, Naturally

Ever wonder why there are no hospitals in the jungle? That is because the natives don’t need any. For hundreds of centuries, they have been living healthily without the help of modern (and sometimes deceiving) medications. Nature contains herbs with thousands of remedies in them. We practically have them all plucked, packed, and delivered it to you all-natural style.

Enriching Lives With Secrets of Asia

Every product has a meaningful story to tell. Part of our mission is to provide interesting ways of making centuries-old traditional items and practices the talk of people. Old tales, unravelled tips, and secret recipe teas (among other traditional things) are interesting conversation.

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