The World Most Expensive Spice 100% Pure Saffron Gift Set (1 g x 3 boxes)

Exotica Saffron, our premium Kashmiri saffron consists of 100% Mongra Saffron, the highest grade of Saffron. Our company deals directly with indigenous farmers in Kashmir. Exotica Saffron is sourced directly from plantation to ensure purely 100% Mongra Saffron without any adulterations. Our saffron is prepared by removing style from stigma prior to drying in order to provide excellent flavor, aroma and dye. The drying process activates the chemical compounds, which release aroma, color and flavor. Exotica Saffron is brittle to the touch. It can be crushed into powder between fingers or with just a little pressure between two metal spoons.

It is unnecessary to dry Exotica saffron any further because it has already been processed to exactly the right dryness for either steeping or crushing into powder. The only reason saffron should be further dried prior to use is that lower grade saffron may contain too much moisture for good release of its aroma, color and flavor. High moisture content of saffron can be determined by soft or spongy texture to the touch. Besides, moist saffron will develop a musty smell instead of saffron’s distinct clean aroma.


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The World’s Finest Quality – Kashmir Saffron

– Perfect Gift Item for Adventurous Gastronomers

– Free International Expedited Shipping (3 – 5 days)

– Comes with a Premium Gift Box and gift message

Package includes,

100% Pure Kashmir Saffron (1g) x 3, Premium Gift Box x 1, Gift Message Card x 1

Consumption Method:

Saffron Preparation for Tea Making

1) Add 5 saffron threads into 50 ml hot water.

2) Steep for at least 15 minutes and ready to be served.

Saffron Extraction Preparation

1) Soak 5 saffron threads into 50ml of hot water for at least 30 minutes. If possible, crush the saffron threads slightly to leach out the full colour and flavor.

2) Then, saffron extraction including the soaked saffron threads can be added with the rest of the ingredients in cooking.

Note: It is not advisable to add whole Saffron directly into boiling water due to its flavor and color will not be fully released.

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Weight 250 g


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