Rahsia Herbal Natural Remedy Solution for Heart Care (15 Teabags)


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Heart play a significant role in keeping your body running. It pumps blood through your circulatory system to nourish organs and tissues in the body. Besides,the right side of your heart sends blood to the lungs where it fills up with oxygen while the left side pumps this oxygen-filled blood through your arteries to nourish bodily organs and remove excess waste. As such, heart care should begin in your youth and continue throughout your lifetime. It’s never too late to make lifestyle changes that will improve the health of your heart. Rahsia Herbal Remedy is a good solution that help to protect your heart and reduce heart diseases.

Recommendations for best effect:
exercise regularly, eat healthily, stop smoking

Blume Folium (Sembung), Kaempfera Rhizoma (Cekur/Kencur), Ligustrina Lignum (Bidara Laut), Orthosiphonis Folium (Misai Kucing), Leucas Levandulifolia Folium (Ketumbak), Amomi Fructus (Buah Kapulago), Rauwolfia Radix (Pulu Pandak), Eugenia Folium (Daun Salam), Foeniculi Fructus (Adas)

Direction of Use:
1. Place a teabag into cup of hot water.
2. Infuse the teabag for 20 minutes and it is ready to be served.
3. Drink a cup of herbal water in the morning, afternoon and night everyday to maintain and improve your health.

Net Weight = 30 grams
Total Weight = 50 grams

Weight 159 g


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