Confinement Soup Package 亚奥 黄金28天月子汤料配套 | 月子餐 | 坐月子 | 月子套餐 (Domestics Only)



只要购买本店的月子套餐(Whole Set),我们都会送:
🎁卡琪花蒂玛x2 (两盒有30包,足以一个月服用)






Whole Set: 28天滋补汤汤包, 卡琪花蒂玛 X2, 大枫艾 X5, 艾草姜手工皂 X1


Recuperate after child-birth rapidly
The postnatal period following childbirth is the most crucial time for new mothers’ recovery. It is because during the pregnancy period the body system and organs of a mother will have a negative effect due to the loss of nutrition for the growth of the baby. Therefore, consuming TCM soup is essential during this important period. The 28 Days Postnatal Care/ Confinement nourishing herbal soup package contains a variety of TCM soups to help the mother recuperate rapidly during postnatal period.

Convenient packing
New mothers might feel helpless during the recovery after childbirth. The 28 Days Postnatal Care/ Confinement Nourishing Herbal Soups are individually vacuum-packed with distinct ingredients per pack for 28 days. This will ease those inexperienced family members to prepare a nutritious and delicious nourishing herbal soup for the new mom.

Nutritious a regular meal is very important for the new mom during confinements, it will allow the mom to stimulate breast milk. If the new mother does not properly eat and regulate nutrition properly during this period, she is likely to face nutritional deficiencies which leads to scarce milk. This soup package can rapidly restore energy for new mothers, while also promoting milk secretion, and improving the quality of the new mother’s breast milk.

Whole Set: 28 Days Nourishing Herbal Soup Pack
🎁 Kacip fatimah X 2 (2 boxes contain 30 sachets)
🎁 “Da Feng Ai” Herbs for Bath X5
🎁Argy Ginger Handmade soap X1
🎁200g Red Dates

👩‍🍳How to prepare
Conventional Cooker
Put the herbs into the pot, then add sufficient amounts of water into the pot. Boil the herbs in high heat, and let it simmer in low heat.
Pressure Cooker
Put the herbs into a pressure cooker, then add sufficient water into the pressure cooker. Boil the herbs in high heat, and let it simmer in low heat. Follow precautionary procedures when using a pressure cooker.

You are suggested to have the purchase before 1 month of child birth.
For more detailed info(更多详细内容可以通过这里了解)

Additional information

Weight 4000 g
Dimensions 31.5 × 31.5 × 31 cm
Week 1

Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4, Whole Set


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