Exotica Kopi Luwak Premium Blend Robusta (10g)


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Product Description

  • The World’s Most Exclusive Coffee.
  • Sourced/Produced in Java & Sumatra, and Roasted in Malaysia.
  • A morning cup of coffee sets the tone for the whole day, our exclusive Kopi Luwak will makes your days delight.
  • AGED COFFEE. Aged wine is great. Aged whiskey is great. So is aged coffee! Coffee grown in Sumatra is excellent for aging and provides the best results, and our Kopi Luwak coffee are using the best low-acid beans from Indonesia. Our Kopi Luwak coffee has been going through careful and proper aging process and is regularly monitored. Our Kopi Luwak coffee had been aged for 8 years which makes it so special and different from other coffee.
  • HAND-PICKED QUALITY COFFEE. We aim to provide our customers the best quality of coffee with the premium taste. Each of the coffee beans is being picked hand by hand with strict quality control, to ensure the only good condition is being used for our coffee roasting. This is to sustain the enrichment flavour of our Kopi Luwak coffee. The Kopi Luwak is laboratory tested by Indonesian Coffee and Cocoa Research Institute (Puslitkoka) [www.iccri.net].
  • MICRO ROASTING IN MALAYSIA.Made from genuine Kopi Luwak  Robusta coffee beans, which are grown in small quantities at places with high altitudes. Unlike others roasting methods which roast in large batches with a capacity of 50kg or more, all of our Kopi Luwak beans are roasted in small batches of 200g, to maintain the perfect freshness and evenly flavor of each of our coffee beans. Micro roasting also ensure the coffee is being roast in an optimum level for the production of Kopi Luwak.
  • PREMIUM TASTE. Tasting our Kopi Luwak coffee is a beautiful experience. Superbly aromatic bouquet coffee, with ultra-smooth texture and rich taste unrivalled by any other coffee. It has mild acidity as tasted from the tip of tongue. It comes with flowery and earthy aroma which provides a fresh kick start of your pleasant day. After sipping our Kopi Luwak coffee, the fruity and tangy taste will be still remained inside the mouth. The medium balanced body of our Kopi Luwak coffee makes you smooth to drink.
  • FREE FROM ANIMAL CRUELTY.We support animal should stay happily in this Earth. No animal be abuse in producing this Civet Coffee as we believe no animal should sacrifice for human’s wants. Our civet is living freely at the farm without any cage and trap to catch up the civet. We will only pick up the feces of the civet in the farm for the production of Kopi Luwak after the Civet is left from the farm.

Recommended Consumption Details

Step 1: Place around 10 grams of Exotica Kopi Luwak’s ground coffee into a French press.

Step 2: Add approximately 100ml~150ml of hot water (91ºc ~ 96ºc). Using a spoon, slowly stir the brew.

Step 3: Put the filter assembly on top of the French press and leave the coffee brew for 3~5 minutes

Step 4: After distillation is done, grasp the handle, begin plunging the filter. Make sure not to plunge too fast in order to avoid hot coffee from spurting out.

Step 5: Slowly pour the coffee into a coffee cup. Let it set for a minute to allow the sediment to settle down and the world’s most exclusive coffee is ready to be served.

French Press is one of the convenience method to consume Kopi Luwak , customer can change their consumption method based on their available equipment  and own preference. House brewing method can be divide into 4 type with is steeping, pressure, filtration and boiling. To achieve different resulting brew, dipper method suitable for the one who prefer a smoother and cleaner brew, pressure method which includes the Espresso Machine will produce a stronger and sharper brew or steeping method like French press will provide a unique and full flavor.

Storage Method

Keep the coffee beans of ground coffee in a tightly sealed container. Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.


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